Managing for a Balanced Pond

A balanced pond is a productive pond. A balanced pond can be identified when everything is in equilibrium, the bluegill are providing all of the food that the bass need, and the bass are controlling the bluegill population. Ponds that are in balance have bluegill and bass present in all of the possible sizes from newly hatched to large adult.

Seine sampling hauls in a balanced pond should contain many recently hatched bluegill (less than 2 inches), some intermediate size bluegill (2″ to 4″) and some recently hatched largemouth bass (1 to 4 inch). These ponds provide great fishing. Monitor the fish in a balanced pond using a seine each summer to check for adequate reproduction and through angler catch information throughout the year.

A good pond has balanced fish populations.

If the pond is in balance, then no corrective measures are needed; just follow the harvesting directions in the All-Purpose Option section.

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